NOVO!!! Get to know the Specna Arms CORE™ – the new line of SA replicas (ENG)

Last week was marked by hints about the new product of Specna Arms brand. Today is the day to finally show it to the World.

Specna Arms; the producer of well-known and admired replicas did their best to meet expectations of their followers – airsoft players.  They created the CORE™ – the absolutely new line of replicas. Specna Arms CORE™ series introduces something totally new to the airsoft market. The fusion of an attractive price, innovative quick spring exchange system, and high quality materials make the replicas of this series a great choice for beginners as well as experienced airsoft players.

Here Specna Arms CORE™ replicas are available for purchase:

For those who neither saw the live stream review at the Gunfire Youtube channel nor the advertisement movie, here we echo the greatest features of the CORE™ line.

The new Gearbox is able to work with up-to-M140 springs. The replica shoots at 380 FPS by factory. The M90 spring, which is added to the set, makes you able to lower the FPS amount to about 310.

The gearbox houses 8mm bushings, which are the base for the shimmed steel gears. The piston is equipped with the set of steel teeth. The cylinder is of the 1st type and the cut of lever is made of steel. The fact that the hop-up chamber is of the rotary type is going to be even more admired.

The CORE™; quick spring exchange system makes you able to exchange the spring in 45 seconds. All you need is a long Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key.

Great Ncore receiver was made of the mixture of nylon and composites.

We strongly recommend watching this movie:

We’ve also shared the advertisement movie on our Youtube channel yesterday: