Winter Madness in Gunfire. For starters, discount up to 25% and over 3500 products on sale. However, you have to hurry because with each passing day the discount is decreasing by 1%. To heat the temperature, we will add new products every day to our special offer. Today you can find in it replicas of CXP-MARS carbines or BLE pistols from ICS, brand new Lonex L4-SPORTY, LK-Tactical and Amoeba S163MO2 replicas. In addition, there are WE and JG replicas or the Cyma carbine Model 47 at prices reduced up to 25%. For those who are looking for spare parts, we have internal and external parts from the Lonex, Guarder, and Airsoft Engineering. If you want to find the good tactical equipment you should then check new products from GFC Tactical, pouches and vests from Condor or FMA accessories. Hurry up and don’t miss the best discounts. Terms & Conditions

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We are introducing Specna Arms HPA replicas with PolarStar engines! Externally, these are the well-known and highly valued Specna Arms replicas made of durable zinc and aluminum alloy, reinforced with steel elements in the most vulnerable points. What about internals? The heart of the replica is the US PolarStar Jack M4 engine which was entirely designed, manufactured and built in the United States. It is one of the top HPA systems available on the market and it was created to meet the requests for high performance and functionality. Replicas are equipped with the Fire Control Unit (FCU) and LP Output that allows you to adjust velocity, systems cyclic rate, and fire modes. The FCU is powered by a 7.4V Li-Po battery. That’s not all. Thanks to adding the Tornado ™ 6.03 precision barrel, the modified Flat Hop bucking (Systema) and the high-quality Hop-Up chamber (Pro-Win), these models can achieve an excellent precision of the BBs’ trajectory. In all sets available in Gunfire you will find a steel hi-cap magazine, iron sights, a Valken Ultra Rig LP Output and a Valken 48ci 3000 PSI Compressed Air Tank. Thanks to that you are ready to play almost immediately after taking the replica out of the box.

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There is no sadder sight than an empty Christmas stocking. To prevent this, we have prepared a special Tactical Sock for you, which will be perfect as a stocking for gifts. We have made it 20% OFF and we would like to show you a few great stuffers. Because we believe that even small gifts can bring a lot of joy, we offer you interesting products up to 25 EUR. Among them you can find new equipment from GFC Tactical like pouches or backpacks. We can also offer you very useful Element parts, Theta Optics mounts or Rockets BBs.  However, if you are looking for ideas for much larger gifts then you can still check other categories of our discounted products such as products under 75, 150 or over 150 EUR. They include some nice replicas, high-quality spare parts or interesting accessories. Check out some great gift ideas available on Santa’s Sale!

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Are you still looking for Santa Secret Gifts Ideas? We have prepared for you some products that’ll make perfect gifts. Check out our Santa’s Sale. We are sure that among over 2,000, you will find something for yourself. Because we believe that even the smallest gestures can bring joy, we offer you interesting products under 25 EUR. Among them, you can find WE magazines, pouches, Uvex safety glasses and spare parts from Retro Arms. For those more demanding, we have products in categories under 75 EUR and 150 EUR. The offer includes SHS external parts like stocks and handguards or very nice JG and Well replicas. For those who behaved very well, we offer a wide range of products over 150 EUR. It includes KWA and Specna Arms replicas, Armorer Works pistols, and PPS Airsoft shotguns. Have you not prepared your Christmas stocking yet? Don’t worry.  Check our tactical Christmas Socking. No Santa would pass it by.


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The next level of sale! Take part in Cyber Madness and upgrade your equipment.

Even up to 80%OFF for selected products, including replicas, parts and accessories. In our special offer, you can find discounted electric replicas from G&P, WE, Classic Army and Specna Arms. Additionally, it includes internal parts like gearboxes, batteries, MOSFET and ASCU modules, as well as tunning parts that allow you to modify your replicas. For Cyber Madness we have also reduced prices of selected sights, scopes, and other aiming devices. There are also products for fans of field activities like radio equipment from Baofeng or accessories for Go Pro cameras. Hurry up! The best deals will be sold in no time. Thus take part in Cyber Madness and check the hottest products at electrifying prices.

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You thought that Black Madness was over? Check once again! We have just added to our sale 500 new products! Now the offer includes over 5500 discounted products like replicas, accessories, and equipment from Lonex, G&G, LCT, Amoeba, Marui, G&P and Flyye Industries. Not enough? Our insane discounts go up to 80%. If you are still looking for the best deals and products just visit our website. Want more? We are making it easier for you. Check the hottest categories which were specially prepared for you. Hurry up and check BlackMadness – you’ll be surprised!

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Can’t wait for Black Friday? We neither! That is why we are launching the most anticipated sale of the year – Black Madness. Crazy discounts even up to 70% on over 5000 products. Visit our store and check out pistols’ replicas from G & G or Well discounted up to 25% and 33%, or a brand new Classic Army replica 38% off. Hurry up because the hottest products disappear at a dizzying pace. Also, check our 50% and 60% discounts on popular parts from Element or SHS and accessories from FMA and JG. Do not wait for Black Friday and pick something for yourself from thousands of products at insanely low prices. Below you will find some of the hottest products. Here you can check Terms&Conditions.



Video with the information about our sale:

“Thermo-active clothing of the Polish Brubeck brand! The products of this company are made of innovative materials. Therefore they will keep you safe from cold during airsoft gameplay, jogging, and trekking.”

More information here:

“New products from PPS Airsoft! Among them are spare parts, guaranteeing a high level of realism M870 shotguns and the XM26 shotgun with the pistol grip compatible with M4/M16 standard!”

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“New delivery from Wolverine Airsoft. Thanks to products like the HP Inferno Gen.2 and Hydra conversions, nozzles, and regulators you will be able to build a reliable HPA powered replica.”

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“New shipment from SHS and Super Shooter! It includes over 180 products among which you can find accessories and parts for replicas like steel gearsets, nozzles, aluminum pistons and KeyMod handguards.”

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Celebrate the 11th Birthday of Gunfire and grab 11% discount. We know that we can’t send you a piece of our delicious birthday cake but we have prepared for you something even better! Use a special code: JEDENASTKA-GUNFIRE and get the 11% discount for over 5000 products available on our birthday page. The birthday offer links with other discounts. If the product selected by you is already discounted the additional 11% discount will be combined! The code is only valid until midnight on Sunday (12.11.2017 to 23:59). We’ve made it easier for you and picked all the tastiest pieces from the promotion! Check available products and Terms&Conditions.

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“New reliable flashlights from Mactronic available in Gunfire! Our offer includes models from the M-Force tactical series and a new line of Sniper patrol flashlights with a light output of up to 1,000 lumens.”

More information here:

“New equipment from  Airsoft Pro available in our shop. We have just picked up new delivery of high-quality parts like Hop-Up chambers and Elite silencers.”

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“We have restocked our storehouse with Redox products! In our offer you can find high-quality and powerful LiPo batteries with T-Connect/ DEANS connectors and many popular models of chargers.”

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“New shipment of glasses and goggles from Uvex. Among well-known models like I-VO or Ultrasonic, you will find a special model of glasses: Pheos One – Specna Arms Edition!”

More information here:

“One-of-a-kind Kriss Vector Slayer. Another replica made by GF Custom Division was built on one of the most original and desirable replicas of recent months, the KRISS Vector from Krytac! It was enriched with accessories such as the powerful KeyMod Handguard from LayLax and other highest-quality parts from well-known brands like Prometheus, Airsoft Engineering, Lonex, Systema and G & G. Finally, our work on this model was complemented by amazing painting, therefore, KRISS Vector “Slayer”  is an exceptional replica and unique of its kind!”

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Short video review:

“New delivery of products from Amoeba Airsoft. Among them you can find replicas of AS-01 Striker, AM-013 “Honey Badger” sniper rifles and accessories. AEG Amoeba replicas are equipped with EFCS – Electronic Firing Control System.”

More information here:

“Too much free space on your velcro panel? Check out the latest delivery of Mil-Spec Monkey patches! Among over 80 products you will find many new designs and multi-functional tactical Multi-Wraps.”

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“The new range of practice targets for shooting sports and recreational shooting from Range Solutions. The products of this brand are characterized by the very high quality of printing.”

More information here:

“AF1911 is a replica of its firearm counterpart 2011 Dueller Prismatic which is a doubled 1911 pistol powered by a .45 ACP caliber round. The replica was produced under a license of the manufacturer – Arsenal Firearms. Thanks to the attention to detail and preservation of original marks on the slide and grip panels, the replica looks very realistic. The AF1911 replica is made entirely of aluminum and together with magazines weighs over 1 kg.  It is powered by two 26 BB magazines that hold 12 g CO2 capsules which guarantees a significant “kick” while using. Despite the fact of a double construction, manipulator buttons are located only on one side for the comfort of use. The entirety is packed in an elegant case with a code lock.”

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Short review:

“Halloweek in Gunfire is on! We have prepared for you many airsoft treats. During the Halloweek  prices of over 3650 products have been reduced. For more than a week you can choose products discounted by up to 75%. Specna Arms, G & G, GFC Guns replicas, Theta Optics accessories, Ultimate Tactical spare parts and much more. Check out our spookily great offer.”

More information here:

“Military clothing from Specna Arms at great prices. The delivery includes classic uniforms in the ACU style and comfortable Combat Uniform sets in Woodland or ATC FG camouflage.”

More information here:

“We have restocked our storehouse with products from Ultimate Tactical. Among almost 350 accessories you will find masks (including popular Stalker variants), pouches, vests, X-Shield helmets.”

More information here:

“New shipment from Leatherman. Multi-Tools of this brand are well-known for their reliability and durability. In our offer, you can find classic models and folding knives.”

More information here:

“New products from Action Sport Games! Our offer includes many interesting models like licensed replicas of Czech Brena CZ 805, Scorpion EVO HPA and M40A3 MCMILLAN sniper rifle replica.”

More information here:

“New big shipment of tactical equipment from EmersonGear! It includes over 100 products among which you will find many interesting accessories such as new pouches, vests, and IPSC belts.”

More information here:

“If you are looking for a LiPo battery for your replica, check out the Electro River product range! We have restocked our storehouse with useful accessories and 7.4V or 11.1V batteries available in different shapes.”

More information here:

“The new Polish brand GUNfet and its flagship product are here! bluFET is the modern controller for AEG replicas. It is equipped with the wireless system that allows you to change the settings during the game.”

More information here:

“Replicas of Dominator pump-action shotguns are back! Outstanding performance and reliable power supply system make the DM870 shotgun an absolute world leader in terms of realism and reliability.”

More information here:

“We have restocked our storehouse with Helikon-Tex products! In the offer of this Polish manufacturer, you can find a wide selection of high-quality clothing, tactical equipment and outdoor articles.”

More information here:

“New Valken products at Gunfire! Among them, you will find HPA replicas powered by Valken V12 engine and various airsoft accessories such as masks, goggles, and batteries.”

More information here:

“New shipment from Armorer Works! It includes the Gas Blow Back system replicas and collector’s items like the Double Barrel pistols or the DL-44 blaster pistol replica from the Star Wars universe.”

More information here:

“AR15 Mandalorian” rifle from the GF Custom Division- the must-have replica for every galactic hunter. The source of inspiration for this model was one of the races from the Star Wars universe, the one from which Boba Fett originated! We have equipped the core model from Dytech with the highest-quality accessories such as the GFC Accessories red dot sight from 556 Series. Furthermore, we have exchanged the original stock for the Nuprol AX Telescope one and added a set of MBUS second-generation mechanical sights. Gearbox for this replica has been practically made from scratch with the use of only solid and tested parts so that all parts were well-fitted and adjusted. Inside this replica you’ll find almost indestructible the Tornado gearbox, the 407mm Modify Hybrid precision barrel (length: 6.01 mm), the modern ASCU Gen 4+, and more high-quality parts. Check it out yourself. The replica has unique and original painting and additional accessories including 4 HEXMAG mid-cap magazines, LiPo Electro River battery and Electro River charger. All of that has been packed into very solid Nuprol riffle case which makes this model ready for action.”

More information can be found here:

Jinx Sale

“Have you broken your stock, lost magazine and your team lost again? Are you out of luck? Not with us! Check out our new Jinx Sale and make this year’s Friday the 13th the happiest day of the year. We reduce prices of over 3000 products including replicas, accessories and spare parts. (here graphics with jinx sale and products)

More information can be found here:

Additionally our lucky promotion Bull’s-eye is still on.” 

More information can be Found here:


Don’t miss the final day of th Autumn Sale! It’s the last moment to grab a discount on almost 3000 products at Gunfire! The Autumn Sale lasts only until noon tomorrow so be quick to check it out.
More information here:

If you are looking for spare parts, flashlights or aiming devices check out new attractive prices of high-quality Element equipment in Gunfire. We have permanently reduced prices of 170 products.
More information here:

Gunfire introduces a new brand of gas powered guns- LS! The products of this Taiwanese manufacturer are characterized by solid construction and attractive price. Now available in two versions with metal or polymer slide.
More information here:

Novosti i popuna trgovine na Gunfireu. Pogledajte!

“Over 350 products from G&G Armament have arrived at Gunfire! High-quality replicas, BBS, and accessories. More hot news in next week: CM16 ARP-9 replica perfect for CQB or GPM92 Gas Blow Back!”

More information can be found here:

“New VFC replicas now available in Gunfire! Among them, you can find highly-valued carbines from VR16 or Saber series. Additionally check out brand new Leopard replicas, with MONSTER fronts.”

More information can be found here:

“New shipment from GATE! It includes classic mosfet units like Nano and more advanced like WARFET. We have also received a new „front wired” version of the TITAN ™ controller set.”

more information can be found here:

“We’ve filled our warehouse with the new equipment from Lonex! Check out replicas with Electric Blow Back system, metal hop-up chambers and a large selection of cylinder sets.”

More information can be found here:

Hit the Bull’s-eye with the new special offer from Gunfire!

New special offer within the Autumn Sale. Theta Optics sights at reduced prices up to 40% and high-quality replicas from G&G.

The Autumn Sale is still going on! That is why we have decided to reward all our Customers with an additional price reduction. Buy one of the selected replicas of esteemed manufacturer G&G and grab up to 40% discount on chosen sight from Theta Optics. Within our special offer, you can receive a superb replica from a well-known producer and equip it with solid optics that will increase your chances during airsoft gameplays.

Check out examples of potential sets below to see how much money you can save.


The list of models and Terms&Conditions are available here! (

“Don’t forget to check the Autumn Sale which is still going on in our shop. You will find there a lot of interesting equipment at very attractive prices.

More information can be found here”:

Here is the link to Bull’s-eye offer:

“We have filled up our stores with the new interesting equipment from Nuprol. In the offer, you will find BBS, holsters, tactical gear, gun cases and excellent AEG series of Delta replicas!”

More information can be found here:

“New delivery of products from Retro Arms! It includes many unique and precise replica parts like excellent GB skeletons, Hop-up chambers, custom-made selectors, and trigger.”

More information can be found here:

“Another shipment of Polish Tactical Tools products now available in Gunfire! It is a manufacturer of high-quality tactical belts with the AustriAlpin COBRA ™ buckles, which are also perfect for everyday wear.”

More information can be found here:

“Delivery from Tactical Game of Innovation! Raise your airsoft gameplay to a higher level with TGI’s grenades equipped with the realistic launch system. Also, check this grenade launcher for AK replicas!”

More information can be found here:

“New products of legendary airsoft brand Guarder has just arrived at Gunfire! Check out precision barrels, springs and parts for AEG and GBB replicas. Additionally, Guarder’s BBS came back to our offer.”

More information can be found here:

Troubles with setting up? Check the Gunfire proposal.

Take advantage of new equipment sets from Gunfire and save up to 30% on selected products. We have reduced the prices of replicas and accessories from such brands as Specna Arms, Armored Claw, and Core.

“Do you want to professionally prepare yourself for autumn gameplays? Be sure to check out the promotional sets in Gunfire. Our proposals will certainly satisfy the needs of even the most demanding players, and most importantly, will not overstretch your budget.
The first set includes the Specna Arms SA-A01 carbine replica with the uniform set, backpack, and other equipment from Ultimate Tactical, all with the ATC FG camouflage cover.

For more information:

In the second one, you will find the beautiful ELS-74UN subcarbine replica with a whole range of accessories including the FMA flashlight ideal for night games.

For more information:

And last but not least, the classic, black JG0538 subcarbine replica, and the comfortable Armored Claw Accuracy gloves.

For more information:

Remember to check also the CYMA brand. You will enjoy those attractive prices.”

For more information:

Autumn Sale in Gunfire is starting!

“Beat the autumn blues with Gunfire! The hot sale of more than 3200 products is starting and we are sure that it will cheer you up. In Gunfire, we believe that now is the best time to review your equipment and complete it with a new, beautiful replica or necessary accessories. On this occasion, we reduce prices on selected items up to -65%. Take advantage of our promotion and test your newly purchased accessories, tactical or outdoor equipment in these unfavorable weather conditions. Furthermore we hope that you will enjoy our wide range of products while preparing for another season. ”

More information about our promotion can be found here:

Premiere of the LC-3A3-S rifle replica in Gunfire!

“One of the hottest premieres of this year! We are proud to announce that the powerful LC-3A3-S LCTairsoft rifle is now available in Gunfire shop. As the exclusive distributor of the brand we invite you to visit our website, because only there you can check out this amazingly realistic and precisely made replica. The proper weight (over 4kg), steel construction and perfect attention to detail give the impression of being in contact with a real gun instead of its airsoft version. The LC-3A3-S is available in two colors – black and olive. In our shop you will also find four types of magazines, so that your new equipment was immediately ready to use.

For more information:

The new delivery of equipment from BCB!

“Challenge the autumn with the new range of outdoor  and survival accessories from the BCB. The latest delivery of very practical multitools, survival kits and flints has just arrived.” 

For more information:

The restocking of supplies from Airsoft Pro!

“New equipment of the Czech brand Airsoft Pro already available in our shop. We have just picked up new delivery of premium Hop-Up chambers and Elite silencers.”

For more information:

New BBs from Rockets at Gunfire!

“New supplies from Rockets have just arrived at Gunfire magazine! You can find nearly 50 kinds of BBs, including BIO, Tracer and Heavy. Check wide range of packaging from 1000 pieces to 25 kilograms.”

For more information:

News from Gunfire (26.8.2017.)

News from Gunfire (4.7.2017.)

Secutor –

Gunfire, together with the whole airsoft market, warmly welcomes the absolutely new brand – Secutor Arms. We’ve just received the first delivery of their replicas. Take to them as we did! The Gladius and Rudis Co2 powered pistols with: the aluminum slides, great-looking markings, stipplings on the grips, and 14mm CCW threats are waiting for you!

Acetech –

Have you already heard anything about the new, precise, and well-made AC6000 chronograph from the Acetech brand, we’ve just got!? Do not sin by being neglectful in seeing one of the best chronographs in the market. That piece of art is the fruit of hard and long-term work of Acetech designers; masters in airsoft electronics field!

Retro Arms –

We’ve just received another delivery from the Czech Retro Arms manufacturer! There are a new range of products on the magazine racks waiting for being sent to you. CNC-made replicas’ parts like: gearbox shells, hop-up chambers, custom fire mode selectors and their screws, or triggers available in few colour versions.


If you are wondering if there arrived some fresh delivery to Gunfire the answer is: yes. Take a look at the offer of the Japanese company called PDI! The well-known and admired 6,05 diameter barrels available in few length versions as well as the Raven 6,01 series are waiting for you.


Another delivery from TMC has just reached Gunfire! Dig deep into the heap of nearly 150 products to find something especially for you! Pay special attention to the tactical equipment: uniform sets, caps, or the range of accessories for GoPro cameras’ users.


The new series of replicas from Gunfire’s offer will surely turn out to be interesting for the science fiction and futuristic weapons fans. S.T.A.R. XR-5 Advanced Battle Rifle produced by CSI are the revolutionary AEGs. Their unprecedented, based on metal gearbox of v2 type construction, and compatibility with STANAG magazines make them a hot product for those with precisely defined airsoft taste.


CYTAC is the new brand that swells gunfire’s offer ranks. Necessarily check out our range of products enriched with the professional holsters dedicated for the firearms as well as airsoft guns.

Pay the special attention to the holsters for the iconic: Glock, Colt 1991, or Beretta. Not only holsters are waiting for you but also their mounts, magazine pouches, and shotgun shells. Do not miss your chance to get a one.

M132 Microgun replica from Classic Army Preorder –

The higly popular M132 Microgun is available to preorder at Gunfire!

The product is estimated to arrive around the 14th of July.

Hot Summer Sale (22.6.2017.)

HOT SHOT SALE (16.6.2017.)

New brand!!! (2.6.2017.)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new brand at Gunfire – Poseidon! In the catalog of this manufacturer you will find a variety of tuning parts, but above all, tightbores for AEG and GBB replicas, equipped with the revolutionary Air Cushion system! What is this system? Briefly: a special HU Poseidon barrel and rubber design produces an airbag around the fired ball that minimizes its contact with the barrel walls, greatly improving the range and stability of the projectile.

Let yourself be a child again! Over 2300 products discounted up to 80%! (1.6.2017.)

Iconic brands like CLAWGEAR, Classic Army or UTG discounted by up to 25%? Not enough? What about timeless: Specna Arms, SHS, CYMA, Electroriver, and TMC products’ prices reduced up to 80%? Better? It must be!

                Don’t hesitate! The special offer doesn’t last forever!


As the Spring Sale is nearly over, we have something special just for you for that last weekend!

The special offer warmly welcomes another brands and producers! Lonex, King Arms, SilverBack, and LCT replicas and parts discounted up to 53% now! Still not enough? What about 50% discount on Bates tactical boots and patches from Mil Spec Monkey?! Now better we hope!

Do not overlook the hottest of hottest items we have; M132 Micro Gun from Classic Army! There could be written a lot, but nothing compares to shooting with this smaller, but still able to send a hail of lethal BBs towards your enemy, BEAST!

M132 Micro-Gun soon in Gunfire! That long awaited news, which was exhibited at this year’s IWA trade fair, is a compact light and handy version of the iconic Vulcan Minigun!

The replica is powered with HPA or green gas and shoots the lethal amount of 2280 BB’s per minute by means of 4 electrically rotated barrels. Each of those has an individual fully-adjustable hop-up unit.  M132 Micro-Gun is a beast that brings a new dimension of firepower support on the airsoft fields.


Also check the best discounted products in our Spring Sale. There are still over 2000 products discounted up to 70%. YOu have time until 29.05.2017, 13:00 CET.

Sprig came to Gunfire! Up to 70% les for over 2000 products! (15.5.2017.)

Spring is here!

Took your gear out of the closet, dusted it, swiped and groomed, all is ready to be used, but something’s still missing? No problem! Gunfire’s Spring Sales gives you over 2000 products from best manufacturers, all discounted by up to 70%! Replicas, tactical gear, parts and accessories – all available on the spot. Don’t miss out on this great occasion to get yourself fully prepared for this season!

“Welcome to the danger zone”! The new custom GF Custom Division is now available. (8.5.2017.)

We start the week with good news. The new custom GF Custom Division is now available.

“Danger Zone” is a solid replica of the DMR rifle with the heart of an indestructible CNC Retro Arms gearbox, including parts from Prometheus, Airsoft Systems, PTS, Tornado and SHS. Check the awesome painting and high-end Vortex scope!


– Battery and charger from ElectroRiver

– Nuprol transport box

– additional magazine

– MS3 tactical sling

More details here:

New deliveries (25.4.2017.)



Wolverine Airsoft –


GFC Accessories-

Nearly 4000 products discounted by up to 70% (18.4.2017.)

Starting now, lasting until the first of May. Here’s a sweet pick of the most tasty stuff: CYMA, E&L, G&G, JBU, KWC, Modify, Specna Arms, VFC and Tokyo Marui. And that’s not even the start of the list. Visit —>

New deliveries (10.4.2017.)

ASG with CZ 809 BREN, M40A3 MCMILLAN sniper rifle replica and AR15 replicas licensed by CAA and LMT.

Huge restock of FMA products. Don’t miss IPSC pouches and airsoft accessories.

Well pretty big restock or replicas.

GFC Energy – restock of our batteries. Remember to check SMART CHARGER™ TOUCH.

BCB – prepare your outdoor equipment for new season.

True Utility – the restock includes pocket multitools, knives, flashlights and many other interesting toys

FAB Defense

Specna Arms, CYMA, ForceCore Armament, GFC Guns up to 60% OFF! (7.4.2017.)

Season Opening in Gunfire.

We’ve prepared some cool discounts and special offers which will allow you to get your hands on cool new stuff and spend up to 60% less on it then you would just yesterday!

Products from Specna Arms, CYMA, ForceCore Armament, GFC Guns, GFC Tactical, LCT, King Arms, JG, WE, Z-Tactical have now been discounted by up to 60%!

This offer will not last long, all prices will be back to normal on April 11th, so don’t miss out and make sure to grab your share of ridiculously discounted products up to 60% cheaper!

Check our sale here:

The ICE BREAKER is out of control. It’s not slowing down! (30.3.2017.)

This is the last call. The ICE BREAK will end its reckless tour on Tuesday, 3 p.m. CET. Do not miss out on this, this is your last chance to get your hands on best products in incredible prices – up to X% cheaper!



Latest deliveries in Gunfire (28.3.2017.)

Retro Arms –

Restock of products from the Czech manufacturer Retro Arms! You can find many interesting, unique parts made with CNC, including excellent gearboxes, hop-up chambers and custom-design selectors levels / bolts and screws / triggers in various colors.

Rockets Platinum –

Huge delivery of Rockets Platinum BBs.

Mactronic –

New delivery from Mactronic has, as always, brought in a lot of excellent flashlights – both mounted ones as well as EDC models and outdoor flashlights. The offer also includes tactical flashlights.

Nuprol –

Don’t miss out on the latest shipment of Nuprol products! Among the many airsoft products you will find DELTA AEG replicas, Hard Case products designed for rifle transportation, BOCCA Rails or LiPo batteries.

Check Gunfire’s hot offer for this weekend

Specna Arms –

The offer of Specna Arms has extended greatly  – new models were introduced, while the more classic constructions have returned to the offer. Prices on chosen models were lowered by up to 20%.


Check out your favorite CYMA products while they’re discounted by up to 35% – the offer includes (but is not limited to) shotguns, sniper rifles and many AEGs.

Armored Claw –

Another interesting thing are the Armored Claw gloves, including the new 2017 models. The full offer of gloves is available at attractive prices, with discounts reaching up to 20%.

ElectroRiver –

The offer of Electro River products now includes not only the regular shaped batteries, but also very affordable 7,4V and 11,1V batteries designed to be used in AK replicas.

G&G –

The long-awaited G&G parts and accessories are now back and available in prices reduced by up to 35%.

GFC Tactical –

The offer of GFC Tactical equipment now includes products not only for airsoft, but also perfect for trekking and tourism. What’s especially worth taking a much closer look at are the new AXEL bag and ARMADILLO backpack.


If by any chance you were waiting for the LCT products to be available in reduced prices, check out what we’ve got for you this weekend.


It’s also worth mentioning that the WELL offer has been made available in prices lowered by up to 60%. The offer includes such well-known and loved models like the famed R4 and sniper rifle replicas.

There are also over 2500 discounted products at:

Spring is almost here… It’s time for the Icebreaker!

Take part in our Icebreaker sale! This time we’ve got over 2500 products from the best and most interesting brands, and discounts reach up to 80%!


Check the latest deliveries in Gunfire:

KSG Tokyo Marui –

New models of Specna Arms –


Alta Industries –

Tornado –

Wisport –

New from Armorer Works –

You thought that Winners Sale in Gunfire is over… Is it, though? Not so fast!

You don’t win 7th title of the Best Airsoft Retailer every day – that’s why we decided to celebrate a little it longer. Winners Sale is prolonged!

What is more – there are completely new items on sale, including CYMA and WELL replicas, parts & accessories from CORE, Modify and Element, tactical equipment from Flyye and GFC Tactical and more. Up to 90% cheaper!

Visit Gunfire and check the full list of discounted products:  


Gunfire has won the 7th title of the Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe in Popular Airsoft contest! We’d like to thank you once again for your support – take part in our Winners Sale! But hurry up – this is the last weekend when you can get up to 90% discount for over 2300 products. Sale ends on Sunday, just before midnight. Don’t miss it!

Warehouse Cleaning is still on and we’ve got something special for you!

For orders above 35 EUR placed between 5.01 and 8.01 you can receive our new Gunfire 2017 calendar FREE!

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Check the Gunfire Girls 2017 Calendar

Latest delivery at Gunfire (2.1.2017.)

GFC Tactical

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Tactical Game Inovations

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Time to end the old year and start a new one with a big bang! Take part in the great Warehouse Cleaning in Gunfire!

This time we have over 1000 products on sale, up to 90% off! You can find the full list here:



It’s time for the Winter Madness! We’re starting today from up to 25% discount for selected products. But hurry up – the discount level will be lower

every next day: Saturday up to 24%, Sunday up to 23% and so on! Don’t waste time and get the best products at the best prices! And don’t forget to check

the list daily – we’ll be adding new, hot products to the sale!

Take part in Winter Madness!



As an exclusive distributor of LCT products in Poland we are happy to announce that we’ve just received long-awaited, hot novelty: replica of mighty, Soviet RPD machine guns! Made 100% of steel and wood, realistic and simpy amazing.


Check out another hot novelty in our offer – this time something from Action Sport Games. Realistic, perfectly made replica of Czech assault rifle in two versions, made on full license of Česká zbrojovka a.s.

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Last delivery of GFC Guns contained a lot of amazing bull-pup replicas including models with RIS handguard! Available in different camo versions, including Multicam and Kryptek Typhon watertransfer.

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Huge delivery of airsoft masks from Ultimate Tactical is here! Among over 200 different models you will find interesting novelties – Stalker EVO masks made of steel net and nylon, available in 12 different camo versions.




We’ve just introduced a completely new brand into our offer – something from more and more popular HPA segment! US brand PolarStar Airsoft is famous for an extremely good quality of their conversions and parts for HPA replicas. Now you can find them in Gunfire – for example Fusion Engine and Jack conversion sets for M4/M16 and AK replicas, as well as for M249 machine guns.



We have just received big delivery from G&G – over 300 products! You will find there variety of popular replicas, BBs and airsoft accessories, as well as hot novelties – for example perfect RK74 replicas with KeyMod handguard and ETU module.



Restock of top quality flashlights – Olight. Perfect for EDC and more “tactical” use. In the new delivery you can also find additional accessories – batteries, chargers and mounts.


GFC Energy

We have just received GFC Energy delivery including a lot of products and accessories – LiPo, NiMH and LiFe batteries, adapters and chargers – including Smart Charger™Touch.



Excellent Mechanix Wear tactical gloves are very popular all around the world, both among professional military users and civilians like airsoft players or car technicians. In the newest delivery you will find classic models like Original, FastFit or M-PACT® in different colour versions.



You should definitely check awesome novelties from FMA! Among more than 80 new products you will find various accessories, FAST-type helmets and rich selection of excellent aluminum pouches that will definitely have attenttion of professional shooters.



Last delivery of ASG products contained a lot of interesting products – among them AR15 rifle replicas licensed by CAA and LMT, different versions of CZ75 pistol as well as excellent CZ SCOROPION EVO 3 A1 replica.