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9th SS Division "Hohenstaufen"
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Obershcutze 9th SS Division 'Hohenstaufen' in Holland September 1944

9th SS-Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen was mainly formed from conscripts, many of them from the RAD.
It first saw action at Tanopol Apr 1944 where it took part in rescuing German troops from the Kamenets-Podolsk pocket. It was sent to Normandy to fight the allied landings. It retreated into Belgium before being sent to rest near Arnhem where they soon had to fight the allied paratroopers who landed there. It was then transferred to Germany and later fought in the Ardennes and Hungary before ending the war in Austria.

The Hohenstaufen were an 'anti airlanding and invasion' division formed late in the war, they fought at Arnhem and Normandy amongst other places and were one of the only SS units to be completely free of accusations of war crimes.

99 per cent of this kit is repro. From top to bottom.

M40 field cap with woven insignia

Both these items from 'Northern Militaria' but can also be sourced from 'Spearhead' for much cheaper.

Scarf is a plain white civvie cotton type material.

Roughly £15 - £35

Tunic is a repro 1940 pattern tunic all in field grey, tunic cost about £40 from Spearhead miliaria (hereafter SP). insignia is included with the tunic
Trousers are m43 kielhosen again from SP.

Over this i'm wearing the 'dot44' or 'peadot' combat uniform/oversuit issued in march 44, this is usually worn without insignia over the filed grey uniform but could be worn on its own in summer. About £60 from SP.

If you buy tunics from Barry Lyndon (aka SP) he tends to include the basic insignia and privates shoulder boards for free.

Boots are post war 1950s jackboots various sources and about £30 (i got mine off a mate), post war ones ae good for airsoft as they look the same but have a rubber sole so you dont slide everywhere on hobnails. Short boots and green canvas gaiters are more appropriate and cost less (gaiters about £5 SU)

Field equipment:

SS enlisted mens belt. (£13 from 'dishmop' on ebay.
Repro mp40 pouches from Soldier of Fortune (hereafter SOF) about £35
Original 1940 k98 bayonet as fighting knife £65 from militaria dealer
repro 'y-straps' and utiltity straps about £30 off ebay.
On rear is a bread bag £10 SU and a slighty post war water bottle and mug £15 from a militaria dealer.
Also on rear gas mask cannister £15 from a militaria fair.


AGM mp40 £95 with four extra mags from RSOV
Repro stick grenades £10 each off ebay.

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Odg: 9th SS Division "Hohenstaufen"
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Key to retailers
MN: Militaria-Net (UK)
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EM: Epic Militaria
RAU: Richard A Underwood (UK)
NM: Northern Militaria (UK)
SS: SueSue (eBay) (UK)
SH: Spearhead (eBay) (HK/Singapore)
SoF: Soldier of Fortune (UK)
RS: Regalia Specialist (UK)
AH: Action Hobbys (UK)